Bihać is located in the northwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is the economic, administrative and cultural centre of the Una-Sana County. It is located in the Bihać basin, which is closed from the west and southwest by the mountain Plješevica and its slopes Debeljača and Somišlje, while on the east and southeast, it is bounded by the mountain Grmeč and its slopes Ljutoč, Jadovnik and Gredoviti vrh. Three rivers flow through it: the Una, Klokot, and Privilica. The population was 56,261 in 2013. Bihać borders the municipalities of Donji Lapac, Korenica and Slunj in the west; the city of Cazin in the north; the settlements of Bosanska Krupa and Bosanski Petrovac in the east; and the municipality of Drvar in the south. The inner city center of Bihać is rich in cultural and historical buildings that witness the city's turbulent and rich past.

In the vicinity of the city of Bihać, there are numerous cultural and historical sights, the Captain's Tower, the Fethija Mosque, the Church of St. Anthony of Padua, Turbo, Krajina Pujevo, the Museum of the First Session of the AVNOJ, the Rmanj Monastery, and others are among the most significant. Bihać has several medieval towns, of which we single out: Sokolacka kula, Orašac, Havala and Ostrovica in Kulen Vakuf.

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