Welcome to Bosanska Gradiška

Welcome to Bosanska Gradiška

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Welcome to Bosanka Gradiška’s new Carwiz office!

The town and settlement of Gradiška or Bosanska Gradiška is located in the northwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Bosanska Krajina. It is also known as the economic center of the Bosnian part of Posavina, and it was first mentioned in 1295, more than 700 years ago in the Middle Ages, under the name Gradiški Brod.

However, first traces of the city date back to the prehistoric period, as evidenced by numerous archaeological sites. The oldest prehistoric settlement, Donja Dolina contains the remains of cultural development from 1200 BC up to the Roman conquest!

Thanks to its rich history, Gradiška has a diverse cultural background. There are several museums in the city, including the Heritage Museum, founded in 1970.

For anyone who loves sports, one of the most beautiful places near the city is Lake Laminci, a peaceful oasis in the heart of nature. This artificial lake is perfect for swimming or fishing, has a restaurant, tennis courts and a hidden path for walking and cycling.

It’s surrounded by an oak forest and creates a beautiful relaxing atmosphere.

If you find yourself in Gradiška, we suggest you to rent a Carwiz vehicle and escape the city bustle! Experience wonderful climate, forests, mountains, fertile fields, beautiful Posavina and so much more!

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