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If you are looking for a vehicle adapted for the urban environment and city driving we have a VERIFY CHOICE FOR YOU - VW Up! Whether you are planning to go on a trip or travel around there's a Škoda Fabia Urbani Avanturist for the active summer. If you're looking for an everyday vehicle there is a VW Polo with a modern youthful design.

No matter which vehicle you rent you can expect only the latest models!

Opel Astra, Škoda Fabia, Škoda Fabia Combi, Hyundai i30, Škoda Rapid Spaceback, VW Golf, VW Polo, VW Polo Automatic and VW Up! * We do not guarantee the exact model of the vehicle, we guarantee the category.

Where can you rent these cars?

Sarajevo downtown, Sarajevo Airport, Tuzla Airport, Banja Luka Airport, Gradiska Downtown

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Mini / Economy Vehicle offer:

Fiat 500 or similar Details

Mini / Economy
  • Fiat 500
Starting at: 27,29 BAM

Opel Corsa or similar Details

  • Opel Corsa
Starting at: 34,08 BAM

Volkswagen UP or similar Details

Mini / Economy
  • Volkswagen UP
Starting at: 27,29 BAM

Volkswagen Polo or similar Details

Mini / Economy
  • Volkswagen Polo
Starting at: 27,29 BAM

Skoda Fabia SW or similar Details

Station wagon
  • Skoda Fabia SW
Starting at: 34,08 BAM

Volkswagen Polo Automatic or similar Details

Mini / Economy
  • Volkswagen Polo Automatic
Starting at: 34,08 BAM


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